We believe in providing our customers with the best service possible. This is why we have provided our customers with the possibility of subscribing monthly, to cut out all the fluff with getting your haircut.


What sets us apart from other barbershops is the care and attention to detail, Vudu provides a service that’s hard to match. We pride ourselves on timing and efficiency; we hold dear what has become a lost art to many barbershops, and our clients agree..

Best fade in Manchester without a doubt. Been searching way too long for a barber who can do a proper fade. There guys know what they’re doing, and most importantly they listen to what you want.

Matt McCraken

I look forward to getting my trim done every week at Vudu, the guys create a good vibe, lots of jokes and so easy being on the subscription, you just roll in and out. the trims are second to none too – ask the mrs!!!

Markus Wilson

My son and I went to get our hair cut from Vudu. I love their website to book. Extremely straightforward and simple to use. The guys are very inviting and professional. We had a great experience. I signed up for the subscription for my son which is a fantastic service they offer. I love their work soo much that I’ve told my cousins about them and one of my cousins has started using them. They are the best in the game and they have the best conversations in the shop. Thank you so much guys. Keep WINNING 🖤

A. M.

I had a really good time there for my out of lockdown haircut. The guys are really kind and passionate. This is not your usual barber shop, they treat you well. As soon as you arrive they give you some water and an exclusive iced-tea drink which is all natural and very refreshing!

Julian Cleaverie

First time at VUDU didnt disappoint… really nice shop and staff we’re great made me feel very welcome which is important after spending 15+ years at another barber !
Was really pleased with my cut and the attention to detail the barber showed he really takes pride in his craft.
100% will be going back

Alpha Kilo

Was looking for an Afro-Carribean barbershop in Manchester and was blown away by the service. Great price point, good conversation, got a hot towel and conditioner and advice on aftercare on my haircut as well.

High Recommend.

Carl Anka


How Dennis Rodman is Cashing in on his Iconic Colourful Hairstyles. 

How Dennis Rodman is Cashing in on his Iconic Colourful Hairstyles. 

Im sure by now you’ve heard the term ‘NFT’ or ‘non-fungible tokens’ thrown around all over social media, news articles and business forums, but to break it down to the simplest of terms, an NFT is a digital token who’s ownership is recorded, each of varying value, but...

Justification for Prices

Justification for Prices

What’s the fair price for the haircut you want?  Are you someone who will book a haircut because it’s cheap?  Someone who will pay more expecting a better service?  What even makes a good service?  Hopefully...

Dennis Rodman’s Hair!

Dennis Rodman’s Hair!

A barbers dream or nightmare? Whichever way you look at it, there’s no denying that Dennis Rodman provided years of entertainment both on and off the court, even extending to his creative hairstyles. Sometimes just for a fun pop...


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Norther Quarter


M1 1AS

01234 567 8910


01234 567 8910



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